Times and Seasons of Change

ZEMA -South Africa’s Field Director Elect

Our ministry in South Africa is directly guided by ZEMA’s Field Council, which is led by the Field Director. This person has always been one of ZEMA’s missionaries who is elected to fill this position. Richard Akers has held the position for the past five years; he asked to be replaced in January 2018. He also indicated that as ZEMA has been growing over the years, the position has become a full-time job, and his replacement should be someone who can focus his energy primarily on that position. In January, the missionary body indicated though none present at the business meeting felt they could step into the position presently, they hoped it could be someone who already knows ZEMA and its ministries. A committee was appointed to search out candidates for the Field Director.

We arrived back in South Africa after that meeting and shared with the Field Council that with our family circumstances changing, we desired to be active with ZEMA on both sides of the ocean.

A couple of months later, the search committee approached Greg about becoming the new Field Director in 2018. We have prayed about this opportunity and consulted with many of ZEMA’s leadership on both sides of the ocean. Greg has agreed to accept the position for a two-year term beginning in January 2018.

This means that we will be doing quite a bit more traveling and consulting with missionaries and organizations affiliated with ZEMA. Presently Greg is beginning to take on responsibilities. Daily he and Richard communicate as he learns the admin side of this position. We look forward to what is in store.

ZEMA -USA, A New Look and New Way

We could not do what we do, without a home office in the USA to handle all that is needed administratively.  As time has passed, ZEMA’s home office needs have also changed. The missionaries’ needs from the office have changed, government requirements have become more complicated, and for ZEMA to keep growing, we need to be able to present ZEMA’s opportunities relevantly to the next generation. So, ZEMA USA has launched a series of development projects. These projects involve updating and developing its financial software, website, media, print materials, and internship programs.

Please note the following ways you can be involved:

Firstly, ZEMA is updating its donation software program. If you have financially supported us through ZEMA, this change affects you.  For security reasons, ZEMA’s current provider will not transfer financial information to our new software provider. (This is a good thing!) But it means that for you to continue financially supporting our ministry, ZEMA needs you to provide them with your financial details once again. If you have financially supported us, you will be receiving a call from ZEMA’s office (Andrew Sisson or Kathy Richards) to update this information. Please feel free to contact ZEMA directly at 847-872-7363 if you have any questions or to help expedite this process.

ZEMA has also established a ZEMA Development Fund. Money raised through this fund will benefit our office and our ministry greatly. ZEMA has been accepted by Elevation’s grant program, which will fund match to help raise these finances. You can take a look at this opportunity by clicking HERE


You may have heard us say this before, but there is no better way to describe living at Sunbury than a great game of whack-a-mole! There’s always something happening, unceasing challenge, never-a-dull-moment because you expect the unexpected. Every day is a new day, with something different!

So, to set your mind at ease, the electricity’s been taken care of; we now have a generator! Water problems have been addressed …for now😉. Nonetheless, hot water heaters still go out, toilets get blocked, windows broken, roofs leak, monkeys, snakes, frogs, people😃…you name it we’ve dealt with it, and undoubtedly will again!

We’re so thankful for Eric and Di deLange, and Dan and Beth Hoffman who have very capably run Sunbury’s camping ministry for the past three years.

Eric and Di will be retiring the end of this year. Sunbury needs a couple to replace them. This couple would be involved in maintenance, managing staff, hosting camps, and office work.

Dan and Beth will be on home assignment for three months in 2018. This makes getting additional Sunbury coverage vital. Do you know someone who might enjoy the challenge of whack-a-mole at Sunbury? Would you consider coming for some time, yourself?