2019- Up Coming Events

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February -April 2019      
10                                  Zion Service in Mlazi
12                                  Meeting with a couple from KZN, SA about possibly helping at Sunbury.
13                                  Meeting with ZEMA’s SA accountant about finances.
19- 6 March                  Dan Hoffman will be in the USA. Pray for his family. Pray also for Sunbury
28 Feb -4 Mar               Carlene at SA’s Revive our Heart’s conference in Pretoria.
13-16 March                 Arne & Julie Paulsen Helping at Sunbury.
5-7 April                        TEAM/ZEMA Ladies Retreat
8                                    ZEMA Field Council Meeting
19-21                            Easter Services, the busiest weekend of the year for Zion ministries.