The Purpose: The Gospel is Written Within Your Sexuality

Carlene has been participating in a book launch for Dr. Juli Slattery’s book, Rethinking Sexuality. In this book, Dr. Slattery identifies 5 Building Blocks for a Biblical View of Sexuality. Carlene has used these 5 building blocks to share what our journey to sexual healing looked like. The 5th of Carlene’s live-feed videos to promote Rethinking Sexuality was removed from her timeline. Below, you can read the exact content of that video that was posted on July 11, 2018.


Last week in the Game reserve, I introduced the 5 Building Blocks for a Biblical view of Sexuality:

  • The Premise
  • The Purpose
  • The Problem
  • The Pandemic
  • The Promise

In the next videos, I’ll focus on these and things in our journey that practically illustrate each of the building blocks Dr. Slattery has defined in her book.

Today I begin with God’s Purpose for creating us sexual because this is where God started to make sense out of Greg and my broken experience.

The first time I remember being bold enough to ask the question of whether God had a purpose in creating us sexual, was in 1990. To be honest, I never expected the question to be answered in this lifetime. As I sat watching my toddler play with an infant at my feet, I said to God, “When I get to heaven the first thing I’m going to want to know is why sex? Why create something that would incite so much heartache, pain, and division to be the means of perpetuating life?” I loved my children, but at that time I hated what life had become.

Soon after that our relationship began to change as Greg applied Ephesians 5:25 to his drive (as I shared in my 3rd video). But the biggest revelation came in 1998.  In that year God began to actually answer my question. Studying the Bible, I had come to the passages on circumcision in Romans. I’d seen it before, but in the past hadn’t been bold enough to ask the questions that niggled in my mind:

“Why circumcision? Why did God choose male genitalia? Why something so personal, and painful? Why not an ear, or a toe? I have those! Why should a man’s penis become a part of identifying God’s people?”

God took me to again look at His relationship with Abraham. He showed me specific places where the Bible indicates that circumcision wasn’t as important as what circumcision demonstrated: what Abraham believed. By giving Abraham circumcision, God took the very thing that would create division and harm and symbolically joined it with His gift of righteousness because Abraham believed Him. Knowing the drive for men and women to passionately and intimately connect, He said, “Place even your driving passions, under my authority. Through circumcision, you will demonstrate that you believe and trust me in every area. For a time this act sealed His promise of Righteousness and the life that God gives because this act demonstrated genuine belief. God knew that no-one would submit themselves to this painful requirement without a deeply motivating purpose.

Immediately following this realization, God took me to the New Testament and reminded me that the Church is the Bride of Christ, and the righteousness of Christ placed in the Church is life-giving! With these truths in place, God changed my heart. The act of sex, rather than merely a recreational act of hedonistic pleasure, became a pleasurable act with spiritual significance.

You see,

  • A Physical Truth we all know: The act of sex is essential to creating life.
  • A Spiritual Truth Christians believe: The righteousness of Christ place in the Church is life-giving.
  • A Practical Truth we have failed to see: The act of sex is both physical and spiritual with life-giving purpose in both realms.

And with this understanding, in spite of my unhappy sexual past, God gave me a reason to rise above the painfulness of old memories, and see that sex is really supposed to be an act of worship. It’s a celebration to enjoy with my husband that celebrates righteousness. It celebrates the unity of the Trinity, and how Jesus invites us into that unity.  And it celebrates life ~eternal life that can be celebrated in the flesh because of God’s healing spirit.

God designed the sexual relationship to celebrate and intimately know how deep is the good news of the Gospel: Jesus’ sacrificial love for those who, like Abraham, believe Him.