Prayer Requests

June 2018

  • Pray for Pastor Israel Shobede and His family. Pray for phyiscal healing and spiritual strength. Pray for wisdom as they deal with a family member who is being influenced by sangomas.
  • We are blessed by the missionary families we work with. ZEMA’s mantra is to know God and make Him known among the amaZioni. Satan would love to discourage us from that focus. Please pray for these families: God’s protection, healing, and direction as they prioritize family and ministry. You may see pics as well as the names of these families by clicking HERE.
  • Pray for the Hoffman family who is away from Sunbury on furlough until the first week in August.
  • We’re so thankful for Howard and Lynn Swank who have come to run Sunbury in the Hoffman’s absence! Pray for continued wisdom as they oversee the housekeeping, building, and maintenance.
  • Continue to pray for Moody Intern Michael Baker who is presently staying with Pastor Khuba (Mpungose). Pray for a positive learning experience for him, as well as encouragement in his ministry in the Nkandla community.
  • Pray for Greg. He wears many hats. Pray for wisdom. That he would be able to encourage and support our ministry partners. Pray for continued healing (PSA is down by more than half 👍🏼)

5 thoughts on “Prayer Requests

  1. Your newsletter on Facebook is very creatively presented. I am serving as chaplain at Pleasant View Home, a nursing facility for the elderly in Inman, KS. Our daughter Margery, husband, and two children reside here in Hutchinson, KS, where we moved in August, 2011.


    • Great to hear from you Dave! Thanks for your words of encouragement! And also for keeping up with our ministry. So glad you are close to family! Blessings to all of you.


  2. ZEMA is my favorite kind of mission ministry, teaching others to go back to their people passing on the word of God. Praying for you, Greg and Carlene.


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