2019 -Prayer Requests

May 2019

  • Continue to pray for wisdom for the ZEMA board, Greg, and the Field Council during the months ahead. We will help ZEMA’s home office, and for a period of time oversee administrative responsibilities on both sides of the ocean. 
  • We’ll be travelling to the USA periodically over the next months to work with the ZEMA board as they make decisions regarding ZEMA’s future. Pray for safety in travels over the Easter holiday, as well as our first trip on April 27th.
  • Praise God for our co-workers who are ready, very able, and have willingly stepped up to handle the ZEBS, ZEBS Alumni Conference and catering at Sunbury in our absence.
  • Pray for God to SUSTAIN His work and His people in SA and the USA.

April 2019

  • Pray for the ZEMA board as they make decisions about how ZEMA will move forward in the months ahead. Their meeting is Tuesday April 2nd. Pray for unity.
  • Pray for wisdom as we support the missionaries and ministries through this time of transition.
  • Pray for the missionary families, relationships, and health.
  • Pray for Andrew Sisson and his family. Pray for, peace of mind, health, and for God’s provision.
  • Pray that God would provide for the staff needs at Sunbury. Dennis and Caitlyn Boatman are raising support to minister at Sunbury. Because of visa issues, we would like to see a South African able to help with Sunbury’s ministries as well.
  • Pray for the many Easter meetings happening in April. Pray for safety in travel.

February 2019

  • Please continue to pray regarding the granting of visas for South Africa. The Emanuelsons are presently on home assignment in the USA and will need to have their visas renewed in order to return. The Seelhammers and Langleys are also considering the best options for renewing their visas, whether work permits are an option, and which government office or private intermediary will be most able to assist.
  • Pray the Internship Program ZEMA is developing with students from Moody Bible Institute. Joe and Myranda Scherschligt will be coming in July. Elizabeth Korda, a communications major, is presently assisting in the home office.
  • Pray for missionaries interested in joining ZEMA: Matthew Kuehl (USA) is raising support to join ZEMA’s missionaries in Gauteng, hopefully the end of this year. Timon and Ani Steiner are raising support in Germany to join ZEMA’s ministries in the Eastern Cape. They have 3 children. Dennis and Caitlyn Boatman (USA) have a heart for camping ministry and are raising support to join the team at Sunbury. They have two children. James and Candice Veitch are interested in partnering with ZEMA through SIM. They have 3 children and another due in June. James is presently a pastor in Canada. They are seeking God’s direction for His timing and provision for their present and future ministry.
  • Please pray for God’s direction and provision for ZEMA’s home office. We are thankful for the way God has provided for ZEMA over the years. To function well, missionaries need the supportive administration which happens in the home office. Presently ZEMA home office needs to increase their staff in order to function well. However, ZEMA cannot afford to hire the necessary personnel.
  • Pray for wisdom as we balance our time between ministry opportunities. 
    • Field Director ~Pray for wisdom and sensitivity as Greg makes decisions affecting ZEMA’s personnel, motivates vision, and provides direction for the ministries of ZEMA.
    • Networking opportunities for ZEMA with South African churches and institutions that might begin partnering with ZEMA to reach the Zionists.
    • Mentoring ~One goal we have is to see others with a vision for ZEMA’s work among the Zionists, as well as for serving God in our daily decisions and service to one another.
    • Ongoing ZEBS & Zion services
  • Pray for our children. Ryne, Amy are raising their family and both working in Racine WI. Children: Tyler, Dylan & Hailey. Corbin and Maddie are working in Chicago. Corbin has a new job, and Maddie will begin studying once again in the fall. Kyle is studying in Berea, Kentucky.