Life on Two Sides of the Ocean

Our boys and their families are each transitioning into life in the USA. We’re thankful to be with them for this year. You can see pictures and updates on our Photo Album and Prayer Requests pages on this website. Greg and I have enjoyed our family times and sharing significant events in each of their lives. It has also been good to visit and catch up with friends and supporters. Our Happenings and RSL Bible study pages will give more detail regarding our ministry over the next couple of months.

News from Sunbury

Over the past few years, the electric company in South Africa has not done well. A couple of years ago, we began to have scheduled power outages to lighten the electrical load in the country at any given time. Inconsistent electricity has been a challenge for the camp. It’s hard on the electrical appliances, and it also becomes a problem when there are camps in session. The field council approved the installation of a generator at Sunbury.

Another concern begging for attention has been Sunbury’s timeworn water tank. We’ve fixed it several times and treated the metal to keep rust at bay. None-the-less, the gravity fed system and tank are obsolete and cumbersome to maintain.

The Hoffman’s have done the research and spearheaded both of these projects. As of this week, a new generator is powering a new water pump that will supply the entire camp! These additions to Sunbury are a step toward better. For now, they are working out the kinks. The new pressurized water system blew five geysers, and several pipes began to leak as well. Fortunately, the camp at Sunbury last weekend was a small group. Pray for Dan, Eric and Clive as they work to resolve these problems this week.

Photo by Kyle Seghers