Who Are the amaZioni? (Part 2)

Zionist Beliefs & Practices -Some amaZioni churches fall to the side of Christian faith, some fall to the side of African tradition, most are somewhere in between.

AmaZioni beliefs and practices range from Christian, that you would be comfortable with, to African traditions that are far removed from western ways of worship.

Christian Beliefs: The Bible is the Word of God, Salvation is through Jesus Christ, God has the power to heal, We should live holy lives. The Holy Spirit has the greatest power in our lives.

Christian Practices: Communion, Take care of widows and orphans, Laying on hands to pray for the sick, Triune Immersion Baptism

Sometimes Christian practices & beliefs move toward African tradition:  In baptism, multiple submersion (10-20+) is sometimes practiced to remove evil spirits, Praying for the sick may include other means to invoke spiritual blessing and healing.African Traditional Beliefs:  Besides the Holy Spirit, other spirits are also active and influential in our lives. These may intercede on our behalf, or they may be the cause of bad luck and must be appeased. Sangomas and prophets have unique access to the spiritual world. Herbs, medicines and holy water have extraordinary powers. Seawater has the greatest healing and cleansing power.

African Traditional Practices: amaZioni feel a need to show evidence of spiritual activity (unintelligible vocalizations, swoon, trance, and dance ), Sacrifice of animals, carrying sticks & charms, communication with the spirit world through trance and dreams are all means of addressing the needs of the spirit world.

What do we do as we minister to the amaZioni? We accept invitations to their services and lift up the name of Jesus and the authority of Scripture. We invite them to study the Bible through ZEBS Bible schools or the This We Believe correspondence course.

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