What’s Up?

It’s good to be with our kids for significant life events and connect with family and friends. Many of these things have been posted on Facebook. If you’re on Facebook but we “aren’t friends” yet, please send us a friend request the next time you go on-line. For those who aren’t on Facebook, in addition to being located in Zion close to Carlene’s family, we’ve had family times in Mississippi and Louisianna with Greg’s family. We also have connected in various ways with each of our supporting churches. And are thankful and happy to welcome Beach Bible Church in Zion to our support team.

We have now begun to visit our support team. Our goal is to get together with as many of our ministry partners as we are able. So far we have traveled through much of the South East United States and are presently on a road trip to visit those living in the North Eastern USA.

Before moving to South Africa in 1993, all of our financial support centered in the Chicago area. Over the 23 years that we have lived overseas, many of our ministry partners have left Northern Illinois. If you are one of those people, we have been looking forward to connecting with you. If you haven’t heard form us already, we’ll be trying to connect soon. Please watch for our call; Greg’s number is 847 309 4890.

Support team map 2016