From Busy ….To Still Busy

Over the past three months, we have covered quite a lot of ground and moved from one extreme to the other. But we have much to be thankful for! 

We travelled safely, spent Christmas with our family, experienced the extremes of heat and cold, have moved from busy …to still busy. We’re settling into new routines, enjoying reconnecting with our family and friends in the USA and have had good reports, from our co-workers, of all that is carrying on in our absence in South Africa. All is well, and we look forward to finding out what 2016 holds for us. Take a look at our Photo Album to see highlights of the past 3 months.

Loved, the lights… it’s been a long time!
The reason for our extended furlough this year is to be a part of our boys’ lives as they transition back into the American way of life. We’ll be here as Kyle finishes high school, for the birth of our second grandson, and to be more closely available, as each of them make decisions and are answering the question: “What next?” This year also will give us time to reconnect with our support team, as well as evaluate what it will look like to continue our ministry and still be a part of our family’s lives.  In a new way, we’re discovering how to live on both sides of the ocean. 
This year we will be working with those in ZEMA’s home office to visit churches and schools to share about ZEMA’s ministries at missions events. We also plan to connect with all of our supporters and, as much as we are able, to participate in events at each of our supporting churches. So, please keep us in mind, over the next months and year; and get in touch with us. Let’s make a date! You can contact us through this website, or email directly. 
We are mentoring couples and continuing to edit the Bible study, Redeeming Sexual Love, By the Power of God’s Plan.  We’ve had positive feedback from those we’ve gone through this study with, and would like to make it available for others. So we’ll continue to explore what our next steps toward publishing may be; this Monday (8 February), we have a meeting with a woman who may be able to help walk us through this task.
Since arriving in the US, a local ministry has shared with us a support raising opportunity.  Through an organization called Integrity, and without any cost to the local business, small businesses have the ability to support community-based ministries (including our ministry in South Africa). If you have a small business or know of one who might be interested, please let us know.