About Us

Greg and Carlene met at Northern Illinois University through our activities with Inter-Varsity Christian Fellowship. We married in 1985 and lived in Zion IL for several years. Carlene grew up in this medium-sized Chicago suburb. Zion Heritage creates opportunities in Southern Africa for us to share the good news of Jesus.

We left the United States in 1993 with our two boys Ryne (5yrs) and Corbin (3yrs) to become missionaries in South Africa with the Zion Evangelical Ministries of Africa (ZEMA). Our youngest son, Kyle, was born in 1998. We are very blessed with two daughters and three grandchildren! You may view some family photos by clicking HERE  on our PHOTO ALBUM  page.

In the beginning, our hard-copy newsletters, “From the Deepest South” were mailed out to interested friends. In time, we began creating newsletters digitally on our computer and sending them out by email. And now, here we are managing our TIDBITS Newsletter online.

For the past 25 years, we have committed ourselves to getting to know the South African-Zulu culture, and sharing the gospel with the amaZioni people of Southern Africa. These people called, amaZioni or Zionists, are a part of the African Independent Church Movement. There are millions of Zionists who have historical ties to Zion City, USA. We have loved working with and getting to know the people of South Africa.

We are invited to share with Zionists in their churches, many come to study God’s Word in our Bible schools, and we have developed many close friends.  Many of these have joined with us and continue to share the Good News and disciple others.

Front: Madeline &Corbin, Ryne &Amy, Hailey, Carlene &Greg Back: Dylan, Kyle and Tyler

You may contact us at through our email addresses: greg@theseghers.com  or carlene@theseghers.com

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