Adjusting ~ We’re Back in South Africa

Over two days we traveled from Chicago’s snow to the sweltering heat of Durban: a temperature change of +80ºF! We arrived in South Africa on 6 January 2017. After spending a year in the USA, to be with our children as they slotted into their new lives in the USA, saying good-bye to them and our grandchildren was quite emotional.

Home USA …just before Christmas.

Home SA …just after we arrived!

We arrived at Sunbury in the middle of ZEMA’s Annual Missionary Conference. The timing was quite helpful! Though jet-lagged, and I’m not certain how productive our presence at the meetings seemed to others, it was good to be with friends who understood our spaced-out presence and gave us several days where our meals were provided before we needed to do a big grocery shop and begin to fend for ourselves. ZEMA’s conference ended on Monday, and by Friday we were as ready as we could be for students to arrive at Sunbury for ZEBS.

Now we’re happy to begin working out our family life and ministry from this angle. There are still many questions to be answered. But we feel content to wait, believing God will continue to lead us.

Initially, Carlene spent days reclaiming our house from the geckos which had taken over! Greg spent his initial days sorting through names, certificates, and schedules for ZEBS and its students. Presently we’re also deciding what new ministries we will be able to participate in since our workload slightly decreased while we were away.

The past two weekends Greg began teaching once again. He says his Zulu is a bit “rusty,” but he managed with occasional reminders from students who also know English. On Saturday he also preached at an all-night service, which he enjoys immensely.

Carlene is getting caught up with office admin, and once the Newsletter and Blogs are updated will begin writing once again. See the Redeeming Sexual Love page for some details on our Bible study project.

We don’t know how our life and ministry will unfold over the next month and year. What we do know is that we’ll continue to administrate the ZEBS at Sunbury, support the three schools which happen simultaneously in northern KZN (KwaNgwanse, Jozini, Mbazwana) and teach at each of these as well as other opportunities. We’ll also continue to develop mentoring relationships, and continue to edit the Bible study Redeeming Sexual Love.