Considering Poverty

We walk in worlds of stark contrast. God uses people with great resources to provide everything we need to live and work. South Africa itself is a land of disparity. Affluent communities thrive. Yet, within the bounds of great cities on every continent, people live in abject poverty. Very close to our home are those who lack basic amenities such as water and electricity, some facing destitute circumstances of health and basic provision.

Lakeshore drive, Chicago IL

KwaDukuza, KZN South Africa

The contrast creates a dilemma: who and how should we help?! The Chalmers Center has published a 3 minute video, which is the most helpful resource I have found considering the root issues  of poverty. Click HERE to view. People are not projects, they are individuals. Restoration is not a mass act, but a caring kindness that moves us into restored relationships that reflect the passionate unity of all of creation.