2015-Prayer Requests

November 2015

  • Praise God for his provision. Our children are each settling and doing well. We have a place to stay in 2016, and a car to drive. This is usually a huge concern for missionaries on home assignment. We’re so thankful that God has once again provided for us.
  • Continue to pray for clarity, peace of mind, and direction as we organize our lives and ministry and head to the USA for a year.
  • Pray for continued unity, clear communication and understanding between those who will be filling in for each of the ZEBS during our absence.
  • Ask God to guide us as we continue to share and develop the Bible study, Redeeming Sexual Love, by the Power of God’s Plan. We have seen God use it in the lives of couples we know. We would like to be able to share it with others. Pray for God’s provision and direction.
  • Pray for Marius and Nozipho. They love the Lord and serving Him together! Pray for their new life and ministry together.
  • Pray for God to direct each of our children as they make decisions for their families and futures. Pray for safety for Amy and grandbaby #2!
  • Pray for wisdom as we plan our time in the USA. We want to hear from you, and would like to see as many of you as possible. Please be in touch. You can communicate with us through the “Contact” option on this website and we’ll get back to you!
  • South Africa is in a severe drought. Please pray for rain.
  • South Africa and the world, are afraid and suffering because of selfish choice: Terroristic violence, Domestic Violence, AIDS, Poverty. Pray for God to create unity and understanding between us to replace the fear which pervades.

October 2015

  • Pray as we organize our lives and ministry to be either put on hold or carried on by others while we are in the USA in 2016.
  • We are preparing all of the 2016 ZEBS notes for the schools we support. The photocopy machine is working hard. Pray for efficiency, maintenance and timing for us to complete 8 more months of notes.
  • Pray we’ll know what to pass on, and what to let lie for the year we are away.
  • We can see that we will not complete the manuscript for the Bible study, Redeeming Sexual Love, by December. Pray that God will direct this project of publishing, to happen in His time.
  • Pray for the couples we are mentoring using this Bible study.
  • Many prayed with us for our friends Barb & Mark Hugo. We’d like to ask you to please be in prayer for this family once again. Barb has been cancer free but had a half-cm lump removed yesterday which was malignant. Decisions will be made in the next few days regarding treatment. Also, please pray for their children JJ and Takara. This is an unsettling time for all of them. Takara is also in PT hoping to avoid hip surgery, complications of a longstanding injury affected by strenuous gymnastic activity.
  • Carlene had unexpected medical procedures in September. We thank God she is recovering well. She is osteopenic. Pray that we would know how to maintain and strengthen her bones.
  • Pray for guidance as we seek direction for new patterns in melding family and ministry.

August 2015

  • Praise God for the way He accomplishes His plans in spite of us, allowing us to participate in His great work.
  • Pray for Joel Cabrita as she chronicles the amaZioni story. Pray for clarity and God to be honored by the unfolding of the Zion story.
  • Pray for Randy and James as they continue their ministry and journey in Southern Africa.
  • Pray for us as we plan the events that will end this 2015 year.
  • Pray for clarity as we think through and communicate with those who will be taking on responsibilities in our absence.
  • Pray for those we are leaving in South Africa as we spend time in the USA.
  • Pray for us to complete the manuscript by December and for guidance, direction, and God’s provision as we submit Redeeming Sexual Love, By the Power of God’s Plan, to the publisher.
  • Pray for guidance as we seek direction for new patterns in melding family and ministry.

July 2015

• Pray for Greg as he travels to visit Zion churches new to ZEMA’s ministries. Pray for safety in travel. For God’s leading as he shares. Pray for the people to be built up, encouraged and blessed by an understanding of God’s Word and His love and desire to be their friend and savior.

• Pray for Joel Cabrita, James Wychers, and Randy Elrod as they prepare to come in August, that God would lead them as they prepare, and encourage them while they are here, and speak to them as the consider their role in building up the body of Christ world wide.

June 2015

Please pray for each of our children. They are each at very different and exciting places in life. Ryne is a new father, and entering into a new job and culture. He, Amy and Tyler are staying with Amy’s parents and hope to begin renting in the next month. Corbin is a new husband.  He and Maddie are making career decisions, and also each looking/learning about new jobs and opportunities.  Kyle has been welcomed into the USA and the Williams’ home. Pray for them as they continue to adjust to this new family situation.

Pray for all of the boys and their families, for their health physically and in their relationships as they each communicate through these very new circumstances in their lives.

Pray for Greg and I as we adjust to being so far from our children. We enjoy working together and look forward to what this new phase of life will be like.

Please pray through our schedule and the various areas of ministry we have shared.

Pray for the Hoffman’s and the Sunbury team. Pray for unity, healthy communication and healthy relationships as we all get to know one another. • As the Hoffman’s begin to learn their new responsibilities an event-oriented culture, pray for: patience (time is relative), peace of mind (there are very few absolutes), and clarity of thought (even though there are very few absolutes!).