2018 -Prayer Requests

September 1, 2018

  • The South African visa situation is still of concern. The Hoffmans were unable to return to Sunbury on their scheduled date in August and are now planning to return in December. The South African embassies are not giving any explanation for this hold on all visa’s. Pray for the Hoffman’s, Kit Tischler and each of our missionaries that could be affected (Emanuelsons, Seelhammers, and the Langleys). It appears that new systems may be implemented, but these do not seem to be consistent when talking with SA government offices in both the USA and SA.
    • UPDATE 9/24: PTL! The Hoffman’s were granted 3-year SA volunteer visas and plan to return to SA in mid-October🎉
  • Pray for our time at Moody Bible Institute. We have several meetings to discuss future internships with Moody students and furthering the relationship between ZEMA and MBI.
  • Pray for safe travels: The Pinters are flying this week. Pray for safe travels and quick adjustment for their family of five. We’ll be flying on the first of October, and traveling in the USA.  Both we and the Pinters will be returning to our homes in November.
    • UPDATE 9/24: We’re thankful that Kevin, Teen, Toby, Titus and Else have arrived safely.
  • Pray for the Pinters and the Swanks as they manage Sunbury during October and November. Pray for wisdom and smooth management of our staff and facility.
  • Pray for wisdom as we balance time with family and ministry while in the USA.


July 2018

  • We are establishing relationships with those running Intokozo an fm Radio station out of Umlazi. Pray that they will be open to using our Trumpet of Zion program which features some of our ZEBS curricula. Pray for Greg as he speaks at the Intokozo Zion programming launch in July.
  • The Hoffman’s visas have not yet been renewed. They are scheduled to return on August 13th. There has been a delay due to new SA government regulations. Pray for quick and efficient filing and release of an NPO certificate for ZEMA and that the Hoffman’s visa would be granted so that they can return to SA as quickly as possible. Miracles can happen… it will take a miracle in this case.
  • Continue to pray for our Moody intern Michael Baker as he returns to the USA. He has been a blessing to many. Pray for God to use this time to lead him. Pray for a safe return on 31 July.
  • Praise God that Pastor Shobede’s health has been consistently improving. Continue to pray for protection for him and his family.
  • Pray for Howard & Lynn Swank as they continue in the Hoffman’s absence. Pray as they decide how to proceed since the Hoffman’s return date is uncertain.
  • Pray for Kevin and Teen Pinter and their three children who will be coming to serve at Sunbury for 2 ½ months beginning in September. Praise God for the way He provides in our times of need.
  • Pray for Greg as he continues to lead and administrate. Pray for clarity of thought, endurance, and protection.
  • Please pray for our children and grandchildren. Pray for encouragement, protection and God’s continued provision. We hope to see them in October but have all plans on hold until we know when the Hoffman’s can return.

June 2018

  • Pray for Pastor Israel Shobede and His family. Pray for phyiscal healing and spiritual strength. Pray for wisdom as they deal with a family member who is being influenced by sangomas.
  • We are blessed by the missionary families we work with. ZEMA’s mantra is to know God and make Him known among the amaZioni. Satan would love to discourage us from that focus. Please pray for these families: God’s protection, healing, and direction as they prioritize family and ministry. You may see pics as well as the names of these families by clicking HERE.
  • Pray for the Hoffman family who is away from Sunbury on furlough until the first week in August.
  • We’re so thankful for Howard and Lynn Swank who have come to run Sunbury in the Hoffman’s absence! Pray for continued wisdom as they oversee the housekeeping, building, and maintenance.
  • Continue to pray for Moody Intern Michael Baker who is presently staying with Pastor Khuba (Mpungose). Pray for a positive learning experience for him, as well as encouragement in his ministry in the Nkandla community.
  • Pray for Greg. He wears many hats. Pray for wisdom. That he would be able to encourage and support our ministry partners. Pray for continued healing (PSA is down by more than half 👍🏼)

April 2018

  • Pray for Siyabonga Shungube and his wife as they minister in their community and church in Stanger.
  • Continue to Pray for a full recovery and healing for Greg from prostate cancer. The treatment phase for the radioactive implants is beyond their half-life. From this point, it is a matter of monitor the effectiveness of the treatment, and his body continuing to heal.
  • Praise God for the strength God has given Barb as she recovers from her surgery. Pray for their family as they move to Capetown.
  • Pray for the Hoffman family who is away from Sunbury on furlough until the first week in August.
  • Pray for us, along with Howard and Lynn Swank who have come to run Sunbury in the Hoffman’s absence.
  • Praise God for the safe delivery of Hailey Claire Seghers born on 6 February 2018.
  • Pray for ZEMA’s home office as they continue to plan and lead in helping to grow ZEMA’s ministries. Greg will participate in a Deep-Dive (at one time called strategic planning meetings? …I think we’re getting old!😉) with the home office this weekend.
  • Pray for Moody Intern Michael Baker who will be arriving in SA on the 29th of May. Pray for God to lead in His ministry experience. He will be living at an African homestead, followed by interacting with African students and helping with the ministry at the Union Bible Institute.

January 2018

  • Pray for a full recovery and healing for Greg from his prostate cancer. He had brachytherapy on December 14th. This is an internal administration of radiation that is ongoing. The greatest intensity of the radiation is now until the end of February.
  • Pray for Barb Hugo who is scheduled for another mastectomy on Monday, 29 January. Pray for a safe surgery, healing, and recovery.
  • Pray for a safe delivery of Ryne and Amy’s baby 🎀girl🎀 on February 6th.
  • We are thankful for our faithful supporters. Thank God for His provision for our family and ministry.
  • Pray that God would further provide. Many Christian organizations, missionaries, and ministries face financial challenges. ZEMA is not unique in this challenge. Each year foundations like the Barnabus Foundation, the Miller Foundation, and this year for the first time, the Mergon Foundation consider whether and how they might contribute toward ZEMA’s ministries to the amaZioni. Thank God for His provision through Christian business, and pray the He would continue to guide and provide.
  • Pray for our home office staff as they organize and administrate in ways that are vital to ZEMA’s continued ministry and outreach. A team coming in April will be tasked with participating in, and then communicating, the vast opportunity, which ZEMA has to reach into the heart of Southern Africa.