See the poverty around you?  We do daily. You will too, if you’re looking for it. View a 3 minute clip by the Chalmers Center on OUR MINISTRY page as we consider our response to poverty.

ZEBS Alumni Conference 2017

This past weekend, we invited our ZEBS alumni to bring their spouse to a conference focused on building healthy marriage and family relationships. We’re thankful for the 37 alumni which were able to come. And for our colleagues who assisted with teaching at this conference. See photos on our PHOTO ALBUM page.

Greg and Carlene began the meetings on Friday by laying a Biblical foundation for marriage. We led the students through passages to demonstrate how God designed men and women to reflect the unified relationships of the Trinity. Created to function as one, our neediness reflects that God’s image remains, though our unity has been broken.

We’re thankful for those who helped with the teaching, and for those who travelled great distances to attend. Pray for God to complete His good work in our lives, and see our PRAYER REQUESTS page for other prayer items.