2016-Prayer Requests

May 2016

  • We praise God for the way our co-workers have stepped in running Sunbury as well as all of the ZEBS in our absence. There were 120 students at the last Sunbury ZEBS. Pray for them this week as they make repairs around the camp.
  • Pray for Ryne, Amy, Tyler and Dylan as they transition into this new stage for their family.
  • Kyle graduates in 2 weeks and plans to attend College of Lake County in the fall.
  • Corbin and Madeline are settling into life in Chicago. Last week Corbin began a new full-time job doing what he enjoys. We’re thankful to be with all of our kids at this time of transition in their lives. Thank you for your continued prayers for each of them.
  • Pray for direction:  1)As we make changes based on the advice from our editor. 2) As Carlene connects with people and publishing agencies at the writer’s conference June 8-11.
  • We plan to travel quite a bit over through the summer and fall. Pray for safety and efficiency as we try to visit friends and supporters around the country. IMG_0333

April 2016

  • Pray for our kids 

Ryne and Amy are expecting another baby-boy on 4 May. Pray for safety and adjustment for them and Tyler.

Corbin and Madeline are building their lives in Chicago. Pray for security and peace as they seek God’s direction for jobs and what the next steps might be regarding education and career for each of them.

Kyle is undecided about his college plans. He has an interview at Berea College on 18 April. We trust God will open and close doors to give Kyle direction for next year.

  • Pray for our friends and co-workers running ZEBS 

We hear from South Africa that the ZEBS are running well and growing. Please pray for continued wisdom and unity for pastors Mpungose, Shobede, Mbonambi, and Marius Swart as they run these schools.

  • Pray for those running Sunbury

The Hoffmans, deLanges and Clive Russell are also doing well running Sunbury. Also, pray for them as they make decisions and face the day-in-and-out challenges of running the camp. Presently they are considering questions of how to be wise and address some needs presented by our staff and local community. They are also making decisions, which have arisen because of the need to update the electrical and water supply systems at Sunbury.

  • Pray for wisdom in our time and ministry while in the USA 

We are balancing family and ministry. We plan to make trips east and west to visit our supporters before returning to SA in January. Our first priority is helping our children and specifically Kyle to settle into the next phase of life, that we can be comfortable he is ready for us to go when we fly away in January. Before we leave the USA, we want to have an edited manuscript and workable plan for Redeeming Sexual Love.  We want to be a part of our supporting churches as much as is possible.

February 2016

  • Pray for guidance for our children. 
  • Ryne is studying to qualify as an electrician. Both he and Amy are working, and their baby is due in early May. 
  • Corbin and Maddie are also both working and making career decisions.
  • Kyle is deciding where to study next year. He will take his driver’s test sometime in the next few months.
  • Pray for Pastors, Mpungose, Shobede, Mbonambi, Marius & Nozipho Swart, Dan & Beth Hoffman, and Eric & Di deLange as they keep the ZEBS schools running at Sunbury, KwaNgwanse, Jozini, Ulundi, Mbazwana and Melmoth. Pray for safety in travels, unity, and wisdom as they make decisions. 
  • Pray for us as we continue using and completing the Bible study, Redeeming Sexual Love, By the Power of God’s Plan.  Pray for those we are mentoring, and for wisdom as we seek to make this study usable and available to others through publishing. 
  • Pray for protection and direction through this year. We want to have a good balance as we allocate our time and energy to our priorities in both family and ministry.

Ryne, Amy and Tyler living in Zion, IL

Corbin and Madeline, living in Chicago.
Kyle, once again living in our home.