Photo Album

January -June 2018

Big changes at Sunbury! In January the elevated water tank was taken down having been replaced by 6 Jojo tanks, which you can see in the background.

ZEBS is geared for amaZioni such as this young man is advertising on his shirt. But church leaders from any denomination are welcome to attend.

Carlene spent February in the USA for the birth of Hailey Claire! 🎀

Pastor Shobede’s church at Shobede for their Easter meetings.
Corbin and Madeline visited us in March for a couple of weeks. We are really thankful for the opportunities we’ve had to spend time with each of our kids this year.


Greg and Carene teaching at the ZEBS Alumni conference in May.

November -December 2017

Stephen and Jessica Langley were special speakers at Zion Youth camp in December.

They encouraged the young people that created in God’s image, they have great value and potential to know Him intimately.

Swimming in a pool is a favorite activity for amaZioni youth. It’s an activity they don’t often have opportunity to enjoy.

Kyle came home for Christmas, and brought his friend Graham to experience what is his HOME!🎄
Ken Langley was the devotional speaker at ZEMA’s missionary conference in January.


Each family gives a report of what God is doing and shares how we might pray for one another over the coming year.

October-November 2017

Greg and Carlene shared the teaching at a couples’ seminar organized by Marius and Nozipho Swart.

Fifteen couples came together for an evening of fellowship and encouragement.

ZEBS Graduates doing their graduation shuffle to the conference hall.

About 250 Graduates and their celebrants.

Receiving a Fourth Year, Certificate of Completion

Ryne and Amy with sons, Tyler (3 yrs.) and Dylan (1 yr.)

Corbin and Madeline, November 2017

Hiking with Kyle in Kentucky over Labor Day. Berea College in the distance.

Tyler’s preschool photo, October 2017

Dylan, October 2017

Greg and Carlene attended an amaZioni, all night service, 4 November 2017
August-October 2017

Kyle began his studies in Kentucky shortly after we arrived in August.

Berea organized a ceremony of dedication, where we had the opportunity to bless and pray for Kyle as he begins this new chapter in life.

Our nephew was baptized in Lake Michigan by the pastors of one of our supporting churches in Zion, Christ Community Church.

We participated in CCC Convocation and “Celebrated the Good News” together with many Zion missions partners.

We had a great time with Greg’s sister, and mom, who turns 90 this year!

ZEMA has added a Chicago office. We’re thankful for the ministry of Andrew Sission, Reidar Fostervol, and Kathy Richards ZEMA’s office staff.

Such blessing to spend time with our grandkids. We’re just getting to know Dylan who is almost 18 months.
Tyler is three and a bundle of energy!


These boys love to keep Nana and Grandpa very busy!

July 2017

ZEBS and Zion Bible College teachers from SA, Swaziland, Mozambique and Lesotho

ZEBS Teacher Conference 2017 @ Sunbury

55 teachers gathered to challenge, and encourage one another in ministry. Most discussions centered on ministry to, and through circumstances of suffering.

The Buthelezi family -Mama Buthelezi is a Sunbury ZEBS student. She told us before the service the other night that when she graduates, they will send her grandson to study at ZEBS as well.

The all night service held at the Buthelezi homestead began when we arrived at 11pm, and finished when the sun had risen at 6am.

Umfundisi Ndulinda prepares to serve communion.

We travelled to meet the Zion Bible College leadership team in Swaziland.
Brett & Evelyn Miller with Jabu Dlamini in the ZBC office


The Zion Bible College is centrally located near this Swazi marketplace with good access to public transportation.

May 2017 -ZEBS Alumni Conference @Sunbury

Mark Hugo built on the foundations from Genesis chapter 2, to discuss what it means to leave and cleave. He encouraged men and women that together our genders reflect God’s passionate design.

Pastor and Mrs. Mpungose used skits and discussion to emphasize the importance of strong communication patterns for healthy relationships.

Marius and Nozipho Swart spoke of our cultures of our upbringing, and the challenge of rather focusing our homes and families on what is a Christian culture to reflect the unity of God. strong communication patterns for healthy relationships.

April 2017 -Easter

2000 people meet in Flagstaff from the CCAC in Zion congregation.

Interesting instruments used in worship. A combination string being plucked, based in a drum-like structure.

Waiting for the next service to begin.

Leaders from the Holiness Emseni Zion Church, dancing in worship.
Returning from the empty tomb celebratory march.


Leaders serve communion to the congregation.

March 2017

Tyler looks like his father, with the energy of his mother!

These are proud grandparent photos!

Looks like his mommy’s side of the family, but as laid back as his father. 😉
Ladies’ afternoon tea. Couples’ Retreat, February

Couples’ Retreat February


Half of the group from the weekend retreat. February

February 2017  -Our Return to South Africa

The Zion Evangelical Bible School at Sunbury met our first weekend back from the USA.

They have run well in our absence.

The students were glad to have the library opened once again.

July 2016

Family time in Manoqua Wisconsin.

Nana & Tyler

Grace Mission Church VBS

Gametime @ VBS

Travelling to visit friends & supporters


Family time in Manoqua Wisconsin.

May 2016

Version 2
Dylan was born.       4 May, 2016

Version 2
First day @ home. Ryne, Amy, Tyler & Dylan


Uncle Awesome!
Ryne & his boys.


Maddie & Corbin visit Dylan.

April 2016

Version 2
Our family February, 2016

The Seghers family. Taken @ our Easter reunion.

Four generation w/ Mom Seghers

Version 2
Amy, Ryne & Tyler. Birthday #2!
Corbin and Madeline, 2 (1)
Corbin and Madeline


Uncle Awesome is Tyler’s hero!

December 2015 -Farewells to SA, We’ll be in the USA for a year!

TIDBITS Feb2016, Zion all night service, welcome to womanhood
amaZioni service             Dec 2015

Zion Youth Camp 2015

TIDBITS Feb2016, Uncle Steve's house
Our home for 2016

Snow, TIDBITS Feb2016
Welcome to the land of snow!

TIDBITS Feb2016, snow
First experiences for Kyle

Getting reacquainted w/ Grandpa

October 2015 -A Beautiful African Wedding Experience

A couple we are mentoring. Marius is an Afrikaner and ZEMA missionary. Nozipho is a graduate and translator for our Zion Bible Schools.

The “white wedding” has become a common practice for Africans of every nationality.

Their wedding at Sunbury was a beautiful mix of cultures.

The traditional Zulu ceremony concluded the celebration.
It was a symbolic exchange of gifts to demonstrate the agreement and support of the two families.


The groom and his attendants, and the brides attendants, each wore traditional garb from their respective cultures.

August 2015

ZEBS teacher conference

Sunday School Teacher training

Supplying teachers w/curriculum for the coming year

Practicing what we’ve learned

My Team of for the training weekend.

A Sunday School celebration @ an amaZioni church

Photos from Years-Gone-By

Sunbury ZEBS

Annual Zion Conferene

1992, First Prayer Card
Our family, 1993 before we went to SA

Boys and dog on tractor
Living @ Sunbury Christian Camp

Greg drives much, Shobede
Greg travels frequently to services and schools

KwaMashu ZEBS

An amaZioni service at the university.

Greg and Ryne in Malawi

Corbin’s internship in SA

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  1. So great to see all your photos and to hear how the Lord is using you in Africa and expanding your family.
    My 3 children Kaleb Korey and Kira are soon 23, 20, and 17 and Kaleb is getting married July 13, 2018 to a lovely young music ed major after they both graduate from Valparaiso in May 2018. I continue to pray for you. Blessings, Marika Goellner Mertz (Darryl)

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