Newsletter from the Seghers


The first weekend back was a Sunbury ZEBS weekend. We enjoy the weekend. Greg has several teachers who handle most of the teaching, while he administers the school of 120+ students. We’ve seen changes over the years. from the beginning, most of the teachers were ZEMA missionaries. At this time most of our teachers are national pastors and leaders.

Another change that can be observed is transport. Where once we transported almost all of the students to and from the taxi ranks because very few people had their own transport, we now have students with cars, who provide lifts, and we have been able to hire a local transport company to transport a couple of loads of people to and from the stations.

Something which hasn’t changed is the enthusiasm and commitment of our students. KwaMashu ZEBS is happening via cell phone light more and more regularly due to load shedding schedules in the Durban area. We had one student this month at Sunbury, who travelled by public transport in spite of her broken leg. Because she arrived late to our pick-up point,  she waited over 6 hours at a petrol garage. When she was able to recharge her cell phone, she contacted Greg, who picked her up at 1am.  We also discovered another of our new students who has been traveling 7 hours from Joberg to Sunbury, because she was unaware of the ZEBS that are held in Gauteng.

Departure time on Saturday after Sunbury ZEBS.

Good News!

We have a new couple at Sunbury. Dan and Beth Hoffman and their two sons, Cooper and Tucker arrived in South Africa two days before we did. They are adjusting well and getting to know the lie of the land. Their primary responsibility is working with the management team at Sunbury.  They also will focus on learning Zulu and the South African culture.

Cooper, Dan, Beth and Tucker Hoffman
Cooper, Dan, Beth and Tucker Hoffman

Psalm 90:2   Before the mountains were born Or You gave birth to the earth and the world, Even from everlasting to everlasting, You are God.

ZEMALOGO 2011zion


One thought on “Newsletter from the Seghers

  1. Wow Greg & Carlene..we are impressed with your great skills in so many areas. Truly you are both prepared workmen for the work of God where ever you are. We will enjoy this new way of keeping up and praying with more specificity! Love you both
    Ed & Bev


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